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Juancarlo Añez is a computing engineer specialized in providing software solutions to business, scientific, and engineering problems. During his extensive professional career, he has designed and developed many complete software systems for different computing platforms and using several different programming languages.

Juancarlo has successfully worked with multidisciplinary teams in many projects. In recent years, he has consulted for Fortune 500 companies in enterprise architecture, and with large software development companies in process, methodology, and software project planning and control. More recently, Juancarlo came back to software design and architecture, with an emphasis on hybrid and portable applications.

He's the author of the TatSu parser generator for and in Python, and has used it to write parsers and translators for programming languages such as COBOL, Natural, Oracle SQL, and Java 8.

In a previous life, he was founder, shareholder, and director of IT of Modelistica, and one of the main developers of the TRANUS land use and transportation modeling system.

He received a degree in Computing Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela.

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