Too localized is definitely a valid close reason, but you will have to do it manually (Off topic -> Other, enter reason). IIRC there was a network-wide move away from having it as a pre-canned reason due to misuse - people were using it as a quick convenient catch-all reason to close questions.


As written, the question is definitely opinion-based, but I think the question is easily editable to be on-topic, and I have tried to do so. First, let me address this statement: By preemptively closing this question, we eliminate the risk of arguments and overall discussion in the comments. Both martial arts and the Internet are places that people ...


I disagree this question is off-topic. Although written in a needlessly provocative tone, the core of the question is about how wrestling and BJJ are different from sambo and catch-wrestling. I imagine a good answer for this question looks something like: because wrestling (or BJJ) has such and such rules and studies these particular situations in greater ...

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