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If the premise of one's own question is badly mistaken, is it useful for it to remain open/visible?

I asked this question and have since come to the conclusion that the book I'm reading, which this was based on, is not particulary helpful if it doesn't even use basic terminology correctly. While I ...
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Shouldn't this question be marked as off topic?

The question Why does Wrestling and BJJ exist when Sambo and catch-wrestling are more complete arts? is off topic and needs to be closed. Opinion based The question compares multiple arts and talks ...
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Are there school-management questions that are not off-topic?

From help for on-topic questions: Questions that should not be asked on Martial Arts include: ... Business aspects of running a martial arts school (legal advice, retention, location, advertising, ...
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Revisiting topicality of stage combat

According to our help page, Questions that should not be asked on Martial Arts include: Theatrical or stage combat that focus more on theater or entertainment (for role-playing, re-enactments, etc.) (...
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Films and martial arts

I ask a question about Aikido and films. I asked because I was interested and thought it would be on-topic. I was (for a different reason) looking at the list of questions we should be asking in the ...
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Is "too localized" a reason to close a question or not?

I wanted to close Where to find a training partner for home based practicing? based of it being too localized to be of any use to wide audience. JohnP kindly pointed out in a comment that Too ...
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Closed Questions on MartialArts.StackExchange.Com

Recently, some questions have arisen about why questions are closed. This is intended to give an overview from the moderators as to... Why Questions Are Closed Stack Exchange sites are a unique type ...
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"Closed as not a real question" when there is an answer

mods, what on earth is up with that? The question HAS AN ANSWER. : Which muscles do I use to stand? .... And yet, apparently, it's not a real question. Look - because I'm asking a question beyond ...
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