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Shouldn't a question trying to solicit opinions and/or discussion be closed?

I logged on one or two days ago to find this question in the "close votes" review queue. After looking at it a few times, I decided that I agreed with the previous accusation of it being opinion based....
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Shouldn't this question be marked as off topic?

The question Why does Wrestling and BJJ exist when Sambo and catch-wrestling are more complete arts? is off topic and needs to be closed. Opinion based The question compares multiple arts and talks ...
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Is "too localized" a reason to close a question or not?

I wanted to close Where to find a training partner for home based practicing? based of it being too localized to be of any use to wide audience. JohnP kindly pointed out in a comment that Too ...
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In what universe is a potential duplicate question not a good fit for Q&A?

Choosing the right one for self-defense purpose? David closed it on both or either grounds, but that's completely illogical. If it's possibly a duplicate, then how could it not be a good fit?
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