There are 3 questions tqagged as shodokan, all to do with the Aikido style that Tomiki developed. Previously, it was agreed that breaking down Aikido styles in tags was unnecessary.

However, shodokan means "open way" and is used in both Aikido and Karate that I know off. Thus does it make sense to have a tag which means 2open way"?

Currently, the tag has no information and thus could become whatever we chose it to be.

I expended the tag. Does this work?

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It should exist.

In that case someone needs to write a proper description of it.

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  • I feel the tag does add value in that it helps address different styles within Aikido. Perhaps two different tags of Shodokan(Aikido) and Shodokan(Karate) may help clarify things
    – Anthony
    Commented Jun 5, 2017 at 21:45

As someone who has not studied aikido, I find the Shodokan school of thought to be rather distinct from other varieties.

I have always seen Shotokan karate and Shodokan aikido romanized distinctly. According to Wikipedia, at least, these are different characters. Is there a different Shodokan term applied to karate as well?


It should NOT exist

In that case, all questions should be de-tagged.


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