I wonder why this question has not been closed on the ground that it is too localised.

Would the same question if it were looking for an organisation within Mongolia be left open?


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The meat of the question is:

Is there a central body/organization in the US that focuses, at least in part, on promotion of Iaijutsu in the US?

I don't see this as something that is too localized since the asker is looking for a general organization that is functioning within the large geographical boundaries of the United States. Though the asker provides the context of his question as finding an instructor, I am reading this question as a platform to go and find that information from another resource. That type of question could benefit others who are seeking the same thing.

Stslavik left a comment on this question as well.

Sounds like a reasonable question, so long as we're sticking with the existence of organizations in the US for iaijutsu; if we start getting into individual instructors, that's off topic for this site.

If the question were too granular, e.g. asking about a very specific (and unknown) location or instructor, then it would be too localized.

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