Take Karate, there are styles like shotokan where exist more that one world federation. Should we use a tag for each federation (of course, when the question requires it; for example a question about the rules for federation X of Karate shotokan should be tagged [Karate] [shotokan] [X] [rules])?


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seems like a good idea to me!

i know in judo in canada there is just judo canada, and each province has an organization under it. But in the states, they have 2 (maybe 3) governing organizations and differentiating between them could be important


I think it makes sense to tag federations. If different disciplines in a martial art (there is a related meta question) are also tagged, I don't see why federations shouldn't.


Only if it makes a difference to the likely answers. Otherwise we will end up with lots of unnecessary tagging.

So this also means that if the OP has used a federation specific tag but the accepted answer is not federation specific then the federation tag needs to be removed from the question.

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